• SGI Invasions- Beach Camps

    SGI Invasions- Beach Camps

    What’s better than spending time with your friends?? Spending time with your friends and making new friends at the beach!! Our SGI Invasions Beach Camps are the most fun we have all year! Not only are we are on the best island, but we have an action-packed week full of new experiences. Our camps are run by a licensed Occupational Therapist and all activities are therapy based. We take a maximum of 12 neurodivergent teens and young adults to Saint George Island, FL for 5 days of adventure. Not only do we move all day, our professional staff also provides direct and indirect support for daily life skills.

    • Beach time to play, relax, and hang out with our friends
    • Workouts to start our day to wake up or our bodies and get regulated
    • Fishing!!! Such an amazing sensory experience!
    • Campfires next to the bay right outside our rooms- great way to relax after a fun filled day
    • Hikes to various parks around the island and neighboring towns
    • Visits to local museums
    • …and so much more


    Morning workouts with Ferris the OT dog! Our “gym” has the best view!
    Campfires at the retreat center!
    Lighthouse climbing!