• Our Story

     Many years ago I helped organize and lead an amazing camp. I was lucky enough to be a part of the beginning and see the impact it had on children and families for many years. Those long, tiring, dirt-filled beautiful days changed numerous lives. Mine included.
    Over the years we began to see how much the kids were benefiting, and I was eager to keep it going for our older kids. My team and I wanted to give them a “traditional” camp experience and introduce over-night camps. Because not everyone we worked with believed in this idea, we were determined to prove how amazing it could really be.
    For two years we took groups to various campgrounds; some with no air conditioning, some with awful food, some that were overcrowded and defeated our purpose of regulation, meaning we just worked harder to give our kids what they needed to enjoy the experience. Our kids and staff were tired and overstimulated, but we worked hard to make it a great experience. It was a long two summers. But we had fun. We were seeing the benefits of our efforts in so many kids. Kids that had never spent the night away from home, were spending 2-4 nights away and were successful. We could see the changes in them, and it was amazing. Parents were happy. Kids were happy. My team was happy. I was happy and loved every second.
    Eventually, we were able to redesign our program and had a permanent location for our overnights. With air conditioning and a personal chef. She’s actually quite good.
    Our new location was great. No internet, no television, we were disconnected. It was camping in nature-well, in cabins IN nature, and it was perfection. The kids were each responsible for their cot and their belongings, they learned to help pack and unpack our supplies, to gather sticks for the s ‘mores and overall given a level of independence they had not experienced away from home.  Our goal was for them to carry these skills with them throughout their lives.
    This is where I introduce Sam.
    Sam came to camp in the beginning stages, he was one of the first in my special Nerd Herd, and continued with us until he graduated high school. He was along for the ride on our first Unicoi camp and a few beach camps. He did it all! Throughout his years with us, Sam grew. He grew into a very capable, independent and successful young man. Sam learned the importance of working in a group (even if you don’t like everyone), he learned how to pack an overnight bag, he learned that not all restaurants allow you to order a cheese sandwich on white bread and apple juice- BUT there are many other options. Sam learned his limits and when he needed a break if the groups became too much (and if you know us, we are often too much). He developed social and communication skills that have carried him into college. Sam is now living in his own dorm (out of state!), has a summer job, and eats more than cheese sandwiches. THIS was our goal from the beginning. Fortunately, this is just one story. I could fill pages and pages, actually, I could write a book about the successes we have witnessed over the years. My team and I pride ourselves on knowing our kids will always be ok, no matter where they are.
    Sam’s parents, Mindy and Larry, recognized the impact our programs had on their son and they want to give this experience to others. They would like to see more kids and families benefit from our camps and programs. With their support, we were able to form OTG Invasions, Inc.
    OTG Invasions, Inc. provides occupational therapy based hiking trips, overnight camps in North Georgia and Beach Camps in Saint George Island, Florida. Your donations will provide financial assistance to help others be a part of our programs.